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Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery systems

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery systems

Safety is the highest priority, reliability and long range the ultimate goal.

Amberjac Projects was the first company in Europe and the second company in the world to produce a Lithium Ion Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, this formed the basis of our initial Prius conversion business. Although this now forms a very small part of our business Amberjac Projects remains the only company outside of North America able to supply Plug in Hybrid conversions systems for the Toyota Prius. 

Plug in Hybrids require an unusual blend of power and energy and integrate with drive system much more complicated than those found in pure electric vehicles.

Plug in hybrids were where we started and we can offer clients the highest levels of experience in the industry in this particular field of low carbon vehicle solutions.

Amberjac Projects is uniquely placed in having the ability to select the right cell technology and cell construction to tailor the blend of energy and power demanded of a PHEV application to ensure vehicle performance, range, drivability and service life is achieved.

Having such a wide supply chain of cell types, constructions and chemistries, flexible manufacturing processes and flexible battery managements systems means that our solutions are always future proof as we can adapt to new technologies quickly and efficiently.

Amberjac Projects has advanced knowledge of all commercially available and near market cell chemistries and this forms the foundation of our ability to implement solutions unavailable or considered too difficult by our competition.

Our mission is to provide the safest and most advanced plug in hybrid electric vehicle battery systems available with the highest levels of deliverable capacity and reliability......... globally