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Solving Tomorrow's Problem's Today
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Batteries, HEV Battery Systems

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Batteries, HEV battery systems

Safety is the highest priority, reliability and power the ultimate goal.

Amberjac Projects has successfully developed and integrated Lithium Ion hybrid electric vehicle battery systems across numerous vehicle platforms.

Power density is king for hybrid vehicles and the challenges of thermal management and mid range balancing and State of Charge (SOC) determination are real challenges.

Our plug in hybrid experience has exposed us to the operation of hybrid power trains and their unique requirements.

Amberjac Projects has access to a wide range of power type cell technologies that are designed and developed specifically for hybrid vehicle use.

Having such a wide supply chain of cell types, constructions and chemistries, flexible manufacturing processes and flexible battery managements systems means that our solutions are always future proof as we can adapt to new technologies quickly and efficiently.

Amberjac Projects has advanced knowledge of all commercially available and near market cell chemistries and this forms the foundation of our ability to implement solutions unavailable or considered too difficult by our competition.

Our mission is to provide the safest and most advanced plug in hybrid electric vehicle battery systems available with the highest levels of deliverable capacity and reliability......... globally